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General Terms of Sales

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE: Ain L'Escapade Campsite - Pont du Pont - Les Brotteaux - 01160 PRIAY - Tel: 33 (0) 4 37 86 47 13 • 1/ The contract is nominative and can not be assigned • 2/ The reservation becomes effective after payment of 30% deposit (online payment, check, money order) to the order of L'Escapade Campsite and receipt of confirmation of your order • 3/ If the tenant does not occupy the location or rental, 72 hours after the scheduled date of the start of the stay, and if the delay has not been reported, the manager will have the location or the rental and will keep the deposit and the invoice will be established normally and send to the tenant by mail with a payment period of 15 days • 4/ 50% of the deposit will be refunded in case of cancellation, at least 2 MONTHS before the date of the beginning of the stay by registered letter with AR  • 5/ The balance of the stay is fully payable on the day of arrival • 6/ An early departure will not give rise to a refund • 7/ Bookings begin as of January of the current year • 8/  The day of your arrival, your confirmation of receipt of order must be presented at the reception • 9/ Arrivals are between 14h00 and 19h00 . Departures must be done before 10:00 • 10/ Visitors can be admitted to the campsite under the responsibility of campers who receive them and with the permission of the campsite owner. These are required to pay a fee per visitor • 11/ DAILY LOCATIONS: An access badge is assigned to you upon arrival at the campsite. With this badge you can, enter / leave the campsite and take your showers, in exchange a piece of identification . Upon your departure, the ID will be returned after return of the badge (each badge lost or broken, will be charged € 35) • 12/ RENTAL: Sheets, pillows and blankets are not provided (possibility of rental). Before any departure, make an appointment at the reception 48 hours before for the examination of the rental. Animals are strictly forbidden in the rental. A deposit of 300 € will be required upon arrival and returned no later than 5 days after your departure. The rental must be made in perfect condition, in which case a cleaning fee of 100 € will be charged extra • 13/ PACKAGES SEASONAL AND ANNUAL LOCATIONS: The rental of the site concerns your equipment (caravan, camper, tent) and a single car parked on your site. For any other person, equipment (guest, visitor, car, animal ...) not included in this contract the rate applied will be the daily rate. Connection to electric current with under meter. On arrival a deposit of 25 € (not cashed) is requested on consumption and will be deducted during the statement at the end of the stay. A nominative badge is assigned to you upon your arrival at the campsite. With this badge you can enter / leave the campsite and take your showers, in exchange for a deposit of 35 euros cashed. For each additional badge, you will be asked 25 euros extra. In case of departure, your deposit will be refunded after return of the badge (if your badge is lost or broken, your deposit will not be refunded). The tenant agrees not to rent, rent or lend his equipment and location except with the agreement of the owner of the campsite. The tenant agrees to pay the bills due not included in the price of the package: electricity, showers, municipal taxes and / or household waste (tax sheet to ask the reception). The tenant agrees to leave his site clean. Any cumbersome remaining on the campsite will be charged (a free dump card is available at the reception). Possibility of payment facility of the package: - in 3 times: 1/3 at the subscription of the contract, 1/3 at 1 May, the balance on July 1st or if early departure the balance on the day of your departure. - or monthly (for seasonal packages: over 9 months from 15/01 / M to 15/09 / M, for annual packages: over 12 months on the 15th of each month ). - or by direct debit, check, CB or if early departure the balance on the day of your departure. Our rates seasonal packages are studied for the season opening season of the campsite, so it can not be made refund even in case of early departure of the Tenant. Any contract subscribed is due. Any presence on the campsite more than 2 hours will result in the withdrawal of one night on the package • 14/ SECURITY-INSURANCE: It is up to each customer to take out insurance for his caravan, tent, equipment, vehicle and a civil liability • 15/ GAMES: No violent or awkward play can be organized near or on the facilities, we decline any responsibility in case of accident. Children should always be under the supervision of their parents and respect the equipment lent or made available • 16/ ANIMALS: They are accepted, they must be tattooed and vaccinated. They must be non-aggressive and must be kept on a short leash. Their defilements must be removed by their masters. Dogs likely to be dangerous (category 1 and 2) are refused • 17/ CIRCULATION-NOISE: The speed is limited to 10 km / h. In the campsite, parking is prohibited on roads and access roads. Vehicles must be parked on the site. Never park your vehicle on the nearby site even if it seems unoccupied, campers can arrive at any time. The gates are closed between 22:30 and 6:00 am, all traffic is prohibited during this period. The use of sound devices should not be perceived beyond the perimeter of each location. From 22:00 to 7:00 in the morning, it is mandatory that everyone respects the right to rest of its neighbors • 18/ RIGHTS TO IMAGE: During your stay on our campsite, you are likely to be photographed or filmed for the realization of our advertising media, unless you notify us in writing at the reception on your arrival, your opposition to this convenient. • 19/ INFRINGEMENT WITH RULES OF PROCEDURE: In the event that a resident disturbs the stay of the other users or does not respect the provisions of the rules of the campsite, the owner of the campsite or his representative will be able, orally or in writing, to put in residence the latter to cease the disorders. In the event of a serious or repeated infraction of the by-laws and after formal notice by the owner of the campsite to comply with it, he may terminate the contract. In the event of a criminal offense, the campsite owner may appeal to the police.

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A corner of paradise in the heart of the Ain… near Bourg-en-Bresse, Cerdon  and Lyon… With the beautiful days, there comes a desire to change air, a desire for good times with family, trips between friends or romantic getaways …


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